Artist Statement


In my work I deal with transitory moments, which reflect the passing of time. I try to find metaphorical images for the fragility of life. An example for this is memory, since it exists in a place between experience and oblivion. I see people’s memory as a subjective and fragile construction of reality. My artistic means are video installation, photography and installation. In my photographs I often try to capture states that are soon going to be lost, like for example in the series: martha. For this work I took pictures in the house of my 96 years old neighbour, who was an important person for me in my childhood. Right after she had to move into a nursing home, just before her apartment was cleared out of its contents, I preserved details of her life in a series of intimate pictures.


Video as a moving, per definition fugitive medium gives me the possibility to keep and reload extracts of time. Most of my videos are designed as loops, showing a recurrent situation, making the viewer loose his feeling of linear time. To create this timeless space of time, it is important that the point where the loop ends and starts again, cannot be seen. I often choose a beautiful nature scenery that might be well-known to the viewer in order to create an atmosphere of recognition and safety. However the disconcerting element is also part of my works, in a form of a metal pole in the video beauty’s ending or as a line cutting the sky repeatedly in the video continuous line. The feeling that everything we know as reality might change completely in every unforeseeable moment is a personal experience as well as a perception that might also define the era we live in. I want to give this feeling an analogy with my video work.




Diploma of Fine Arts. Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany. Specialization in the Media art field. Space and Installation class. Professor Joachim Blank



State exam as art-master. Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. Professor Susanne Windelen. Professor Micha Ullman, Professor Mariella Mosler



Trainee position in the departement of painting restoration at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and at the Kunsthalle Karlsruhe






2018 scholarship holder of Kulturstiftung Thüringen





Selected exhibitions


Solo Exhibitons



fragments of reality, Galerie Waidspeicher, Erfurt (catalogue)


remembering brühl 2007/2017, video facade projection at Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (MdbK)

Tapetenwechsel, Erfurt


between, Long Night of museums Erfurt, Wächterhaus 2


resisting the temptation of feeling secure, diploma at the gallery of Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig



Exhibiton Participations



Kunst gegen Rechts (Artists against nazionalist movements) curated by Hammerschmidt und Gladigau Erfurt in the temporary WERKRAUM, Vilniuspassage Erfurt

Passionen, Positions to Bach, Kunsthalle Arnstadt (brochure)


artthuer 2018

nachmorgen, Stipendiatenausstellung der Kulturstiftung des Freistaats Thüringen, Thüringer Aufbaubank (brochure)


where you begin and where I end, glogauAir Berlin (mit Zaida Guerrero Casado und Regina Magdalena Sebald, brochure)


YEA Regard sur la Grande Guerre, Espace Le Carré, Lille

YEA IIIII, Kunsthaus Erfurt


Long Night of Museums Erfurt, Wächterhaus 2


copy & re:peat, BKS Garage Kopenhagen (catalogue)


ZONE ENTROPIE Was von der Welt bleibt / Ce qui reste du monde, Universal Cube in der Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig und Villa du Parc, Centre d’art contemporain, Annemasse


Volume IV, things we do, Universal Cube in der Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig

Ostrale 09, Dresden


Damenexamen, Academy of Fine Arts Stu8gart Stu8gart


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